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Lead Others To Christ.No mortal man has the power to save anybody from sin.It is only Christ who has the power to draw people to Himself.It is our own responsibility to present Christ to people but we can never convert them.Show love by giving to the poor around you.All individuals in Christ have been given the grace of givingEveryone has one thing or other to share with others.



If it had not been the LORD
who was on our
side let Israel now say -Psalm 124:1
Just imagine if it had not been
The LORD AlMIGHTY on our side.
If His plan of salvation was not offered for us.Do we understand the length of wickedness that is in this rigorous
creature called lucifer?
He doesn't want any soul to come to Jesus Christ.
For he wanted to keep us as preys in his teeth.
The devil kept us in bondage
for such a long time.
But by the Power of the Holy Ghost,

we are free now!!!

Stinginess is not the part of the Life
of a Christian.When you give the Lord will bless you more.

Note the following:

  • A generous soul will be made rich Proverb 11:25
  • He who waters shall be watered himself.Proverb 11:25
  • There is blessing for those who do not hoard things Proverb 11:26
  • Those who earnestly seek good will find favour Proverb 11:27
  • The Righteous will flourish like a green leaf Proverb 11:28

Somebody is now in prison for the same item you
robbed but you were not caught.
Now through Christ you don’t steal anymore.
Look at how drunk and high you use to be.
You wasted money on careless things
because of drinking and smoking.
Now through Christ you don’t
drink or smoke anymore. Look at the sort of friends you use to hang out with.
You did a lot of stubborn acts with your friends.
Now through Christ you hang out with Christians
and your life is back on track.
I would love to continue but i will stop here.
Fellow audience, i know what the LORD
has done for me oo.

Why seek God Now?Some who
postponed it never did it,
either they drifted so deep into
sin and found it difficult
later in life or death struck.

As a child of God,it is mandatory for us to go out and preach
the word of God and help the needy.We are to make others know the love of Christ by helping them out from poverty,sickness,stress and many others

SO SEEK GOD NOW!!! And Join us help Society!!!

Follow DGT as we help you
build up your relationship with Christ and your engagement in the development of your society.


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