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Discover The Gospel Truth Foundation Limited is all about sharing the word of God to individuals around the world. Helping people in the community is the hallmark of the foundation.But we strongly believe that without Christ, we won't be able to accomplish this task.So this foundation is strongly built in the word of God. John 4:1-14.As Jesus left to Galilee, He stopped to rest by a well in Samaria, which provided Him an opportunity to encounter a Samaritan woman who came to draw water from the well. In the ensuing dialogue between them, the woman was offered living water by Christ. What is the contrast between ordinary water and the living water? Every encounter with Christ guarantees the spring of living water in a believer's life. Do you desire the spring of water?You can have it by inviting Jesus Christ into your life, to be your Lord and Saviour. John 4:27-38.The Samaritan woman could not hide her joy after her encounter with Jesus. She left her pot by the well and went forth sharing the Good News.When was the last time you talked to someone about Jesus? Your Life testimony is enough good news to the people around you.Jesus knew the urgency of spreading the good news; that is why He refused to eat the food brought to Him by the Disciples. We are also a great reflection of Christ. So we seem it due to also spread the good news.We believe strongly that with God everything is possible. And with Him, our heart desires are granted.DGT is all about helping the society solve its problems through the proclaiming of Christ.

Jesus Christ is the Light of the world.It is through him that the sick is healed,the poor becomes rich,the needy becomes wealthy and above all our community,society and various countries develop.We are also a foundation for the poor and needy in society. We serve the people,show love and dine with them too.Being in Christ is the best decision ever one could ever get in Life. So we help the community by helping them out of their situation so as to make serving Christ very enjoyable. For serving the Lord is the only joyful event that an individual could ever get in contact with.So the Foundation together with the members visits various hospitals to share the word of God with the various sick people. We encourage them to never give up on theirhealth.And above all Pray with them and give out the little donations we can offer in addition to the word of God. We also visit Orphange homes,widowhood camps and other places in the society that critical needs attention and help from God.We are the reflection of God on earth so we do our charity work and give out to society just as how Christ wants it to be. All this is to glorify the name of God and help spread His name on high. We approach any social cankers in the society and help curb them.


The Book of ACTS 8:26-40 explains how the Lord gave a definite instruction to Philip without any explanations. He obeyed immediately without any questions.Philip ministered Christ to the people.What do we learn from this? DGT foundation is sent on a mission to help save the world from perishing from a discussion with people,preaching Christ to them and helping them as well. Our Main mission is to save the perishing by the use of the word of God that is sharper than any other sword to serve them. We want the presence and the greatest love of God to be known to every individual in this world. We humble ourselves to both the young and old and help them develop their lives through Christ.We are on a great mission in fighting against the various social vices that is retarding our community from developing.


Our main goal is to win souls for Christ and help make life comfortable for the individuals in society. There are many vices and cankers in the society retarding its process

Our Foundation Executives

banner Name:Clement B. Arhin

Praise the Lord.Purpose behind this endeavour: This whole thing of creating this foundation was not my own idea.It was my dearest friend Abigail Oppong's ambition to make this possible.However, we have the same aim and vision to inspire our friends,peers,love ones and all individuals around this world to hear the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.And also to help solve some of the issues in our society at large.We have various challenges in our individual society and we urge to help solve this problem along as helping others in society.This Foundation has a lot to offer to various society and countries around the globe. This website will not promote our self indulgence and intellectual skills but it is only for the whole world to hear about the Gift of God that is eternal life through Jesus Christ. Roman 1:16- "For I am not ashamed of the Gospel,for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. to the Jew first and also to the Greek".

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banner Name:Abigail Oppong
Title:Vice C.E.O and Project Coordinator

Praise the Lord. I am very much in love with the word of God.If it had not been God where exactly would I be? I really have a testimony to tell the whole world about the good things of Christ. Sharing the good news is what I really want to accomplish. I really want others to also experience the wonders of God. I am in the process of helping to solve the problem of the high rate of Teenage Pregnancy in my community.The issue in the community with which I struggled with to be able to escape.Now I am ready to tell the whole world about this problem and find ways to help upcoming young girls especially in my community to also escape this social canker;teenage pregnancy. I am not only into this but also helping to develop other problems in the community as well.I can not accomplish this aim without engaging them with the word of God.So I have decided to accomplish this goal by introducing them with the word of God. I was very fortunate to escape because I was brought up from a good Christian home.Thus being a daughter of a man of God. I became known to the bad effects of this issue because I was exposed to the word of God. This is because the word of God is living to the dead.And I believe that, it is only through Him that the impossible can be made possible.Amen

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