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About millions of Children especially in Africa drop out of school to take in menial jobs. As we all know, education is the key to success. We need to be educated in other to help our community develop.In Africa about 90% of children drop out of school to take on menial jobs. Children who could have doctors,lawyers,farmers,presidents, member of parliament and so many more.Some engage themselves in Galamsey,Prostitution,Hawkers,Pick Pocketing and so many other social cankers to mention. Talking about my country Ghana,a lot of Children are now school dropout walking aimlessly in the islands of the various cities in the Country. I know many Organisations have taken it upon themselves to help solve this problem but I still find it as a source of danger poser to the Country.

I have over the past years had a very great passion to also help this problem.A word can save a child from being on the street .We can come together as one to help solve this problem.Please don't say he/she is not my child so i will not help him/her out from the situation.Remember that this same person can befriend your child in school who will drive your child into it. I come from Berekum in the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana.A town with a high rate of school children who are school dropout. There are very intelligent students who always end up engaging themselves in various social vices. I always ask myself why parents and leaders of this community are playing around this issue. This is because they are the same people who will go around creating problems and destroying properties. As the Bible said, we should give out and help one another without allowing our right hand to see what we are doing. Most of the times when I read the news around, I see most entrepreneurs in action to solve problem in the society but I ask myself, why the same place everyday? Are they giving out just because they want to seen in various newspapers? Because I still find it very difficult to understand why there are always donations but whiles children in various poor villages are still in agony?The only solution for these problems is to really love ourselves and give out freely from our hearts to please God not man.


No successful person in Life really became who they are today without facing some few challeges in Life.Challenges are met to help us develop better in solving our problems.Sometimes we pass through situations to help us know how it feels.I am from a village with a high rate of teenage pregnancy.Girls in the society are given a low rate of high self-esteem.Many girls in the community have fallen prey to this trend of engaging themselves in teenage pregnancy.It has been a tradition for the community for these past years that every girl after completing Junior High School is more likely to engage herself in this social canker.This is due to the filthy mindset that poor students in completing Junior High should be engaged in this activity due to the lack of funds to continue with His/Her education.Some of these girls who after getting pregnant decides to terminate the pregnancy ends up losing their lives. Many intelligent girls have fallen prey to this a lot.Able students who could have become great community developer in the near future.

I also had many challenges in mobilising funds for school years ago in my village.Things became so complicated for me. I sometimes felt all hopes were lost.But luckily for me, I have a great mother who always supported with everything she had.She worked so hard to mobise funds for my eduaction.She never wanted her story to ever repeat in my life.This is because my mother after her completion from junior high school with impeccable grades had no choice but to quit school to help her mother take good care of her siblings since she was the elder among her siblings.She later had no choice than to get married to my father at a very early age. You really want to know why girls ends their education in the name of not getting funds for school really get married after? This is because it is known that as a girl,you are supposed to get married and take care of your family. Yes it is good to have a family and provide for their needs. But I think it should be after these girls are given the quality education to help them attain good life so as to be able to take care of her family.I have been able to fight all these challenges by the help of the good moral teaches from the Bible.And I stand here today to also encourage my community and any other facing this problem to also come out from the situation.

Please join me and this foundation as we all make this happen in together


The Bible tells us to show kindness, love and mercy towards one another. Ever since I was a child. I have been a very loving person when it comes to helping others in life.I have great passion in helping the poor, sick, the aged, widows and orphanages. I love to help. I love to see people being delivered from their poor life situations.I love to see people happy.The Bible says we should love our neighbour as ourselves.As believers in Christ, I think this is when the poor,sick and all those prishing needs us. All these is part of the service of God.The same bible tells us again that also as you do unto others,then you did for Him too. So why not help others too.I want to create awareness o the need of helping others in society.I want to engage people in my community and whole world to assist in helping these people.Every little thing we share with others from our heart pleases God.

Serving God attracts a lot of blessings.I know very well them as we show love and give unto others the gift of love, so is our heavenly father also preparing for us a good and pleasant place to keep us always on track to also continue to help others in Life.

You and I are bound to help save the Lives of others

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